Monday, September 8, 2008

I have never cared so little about ants before. Who cares that they are eating the crumbs off the counter? Who cares that there are 2 million of them in a line in the bathroom? Who cares that they mysteriously are on my laptop when I open it up? Who cares? At least they are not the giant cockroaches! Ugh!

Cambodians business dealings are nothing like Western business practices. The idea of quickly resolving a problem never entered their mind. It could take weeks to get a problem fixed. And returning a broken product… ha! Dream on! Nothing works longer than a week. It would be foolishness to hope for better. In fact, when I was talking to the Internet company about how we wanted a refund for a faulty product, she told us that we had already paid. The idea is that once they have your money, too bad! They’re keeping it!

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Clinton and Misty Dosio said...

umm...yes, so the wildlife in Florida rivals Cambodia. We've found 2 count them- 2 cockroaches, affectionately renamed 'palmetto bugs' by the apartment people so that we can't call them roaches. then, i nearly DIED today when wrapped around the fence behind our apartment complex was a SNAKE!!! And then there are the 3 billion geckos. See what you're missing. I'll take dogs and ants any day! :) j/k Love you!