Monday, March 16, 2009

Phnom Penh Water Park! YAY!

Cleaning the moat...

Phnom Penh WaterPark!
YAY! A waterpark, how modern….
It looks like it was built in the ‘60s and left for 40 years, which is actually very likely in a country that was war-torn in the ‘70s.
It is so dirty! The slides are rusted. It looks like they may fall down at any second. Dirt and bugs litter the sidewalks and seep into the pools. Mold from years of desolation has overtaken parts. The bathrooms could have been part of a horror movie!
Best of all… no rules! It’s Cambodia. Who’s going to make safety standards? Channak, a friend, decided to do a flip of the slide and cracked his head open.
We went with 3 families and about 8 singles from the school. The Cambodians loved seeing us experience it.
It was so awesome! There was even a hang-glide into a pool of 2ft water! :)
I loved it! It was definitely an adventure! But we’ll be back!
Awesome videos to follow.


Elaine said...

Where is this water park? I live in Phnom Penh and have been unable to find it.

B said...

The water park is in the main Airport Road (Russie Conferderation Road), if you drive to the airport form the city center, right after you see the toyota showroom, you will see water park.