Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pilgram's Progress or The Wizard of Oz

I am Dorothy.

June 10th 2009
Lately I’ve been unsatisfied. I want a life more exciting more adventurous than what this Kansas farm can offer me. I want to push the limits that my uncles have placed on my life. I want to test the boundaries and see how far I can roam before I become lost to those on the farm. I’m ready for something better. I’m tired of waiting around here for my dreams to come true.

June 15th 2009
These munchkins are strange. I’m not sure I should listen to them. I’ve suddenly landed in Munchkinland apart from my own volition. Because of some strange force that propelled me here, there is a dead lady under my house. That’s not my fault. Things are happening without my approval, and that makes me very nervous. I’m going to take these Ruby Red Shoes because they are available, but I’m not going to use them. I don’t trust anything from here because it’s all too strange.

A strange winged creature just told me to follow the yellow brick road. Even though I see her and there is viable evidence that she exists, I’m still doubting that this is a real. It could all be a hoax.

June 17th 2009
I’ve made a few friends along the way. A scarecrow, a tin man, and a lion: strange travelling companions for a girl like me; but you take what you can get. They are kind, patient people. Maybe not the “fun crowd”, but they are helping me out as I make my way down this road.

June 18th 2009
This evil witch is no joke. She’s much more intense than I imagined. People always say “it’s probably not as bad as they make it seem.” Nope. She’s bad news. I’ve decided to stay away from her and the road that leads to her place. I’m going to need some help to avoid her.

June 19th 2009
I just passed through the poppy field and took a nap. It was probably a bad idea. I’m really regretting that decision now. But there is grace, and I’ll keep moving towards the goal. No need to look back at the spots in life where the evil witch tricked us into believing her lies. She makes her ideas seem so fun, but now I realize she was trying to deter us from reaching OZ.

June 20th 2009
The gates of OZ are intimidating. I’m pretty sure I’m not good enough to be allowed in. There is no way that Wizard could accept me the way I am. Too bad there isn’t a motel or at least a shower out here. I’d clean myself up a bit before I met him. But there is nothing I can do. I can’t clean myself up. He’ll just have to take me as I am.

June 21st 2009
I can’t believe I had these stupid Ruby Red Shoes with me the whole time. All I needed to make it home has been with me all the way. I overlooked their power because I thought they were just an old pair of shoes. My friends back in Kansas used to say, “That’s so out of date. It’s not relevant for today.” I was given everything I needed for the journey at the beginning of the trip, but I didn’t even attempt to use them because my lack of faith. I’m a weak traveler.


Thomas said...

I didn't know you were such a good writer; I really enjoyed it. Hope things are going well for you. Goldsboro's the same as when you left it... take me with you next time!

jhobgood said...

I'm glad I found this. I love it. Praying for you, Carrie!

diana said...

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diana said...

hope things go well on your side...all the best
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phillipg said...

I love this Carrie. Well done.
- Phillip