Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Policeman is in love with me...

What do you do when a man with a machine gun tries a pick up line on you? Really when the guy hits on me, and he has a huge gun slung over his shoulder, what am I supposed to say? “No way, you mangy dog!” Lol. How about, “Put the gun down, and I’ll give you an answer.” It’s more like, “Oh! Why thank you! I know I’m beautiful.”
A policeman, with a big black machine gun, was staring at me in the market today. The second time I walked by him, he jumped out in front of me and said, “hello.” He then started to follow me a little. As I fled, I heard him tell me that I was beautiful. He left me alone after that. I wanted to yell back to him, “Why thank you, scary man.”

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