Sunday, November 29, 2009

Out in the Village

Village life is quite different than the life I live in Phnom Penh. Still all around me, I'm reminded that the average Cambodian lives in a wood hut and makes $1 a day during the harvest season.
A month ago, I went to Retdy's (Kate's bf) village to meet his family. They were very sweet. Their neighbors were so excited to see foreign girls visit.
The whole time Kate and I were constantly bombarded with compliments. They kept telling us how beautiful we were and how ugly Retdy was (because his skin is dark from the sun).
We went for a walk through the town (which was about 20 people) and we drew such a crowd. People were watching us, and finally they asked us to sit down and talk with them. One woman kept telling us how beautiful we were, and in the next breathe she said we were big enough to have 10 children each. AH! So I'm beautiful, but I'm fat enough to have tons of kids!

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