Friday, November 26, 2010

Most of you read/heard about the tragedy in Cambodia's capital this week. 350 people were killed while over 300 are in the hospital. This may seem distant to you, but it's my home. I've been living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital, for three years. And this disaster is too close. It happened on a bridge a frequent to people I pass everyday. Please pray for Cambodia, only 1% of the population know Jesus, and they really need hope right now. Only 30 years ago 2 million people were killed in a genocide. 30 years is too soon for another tragedy. Most people are hopeless and depressed. This country really needs to learn about God's hope.
Pray for us. It's a time of great sadness here. Also pray for the injured the hospitals here are disgusting and poorly run. They don't feed or bathe patients. I doubt many of the seriously injured will live.
Most of the locals are shocked and confused. They don't understand how something so bad could happen so suddenly. One minute they were celebrating a national holiday and then because of a little hysteria hundreds are dead.
The stampede that killed these people was caused by an irrational fear that the bridge was going to collapse. So thousands ran. The result was hundreds of peoples death.

Thanks for your prayers,
P.S. Above are pictures I took of the festival 48 hours before the tragedy.

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