Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Today I was talking with some of the teachers at lunch about what we’ve seen on motos. Moto’s are generally known as mopeds in the US. These motos come with an extended seat though. So these are some things we’ve seen ON A MOTO

A cow… yes, a whole, live cow was behind the driver

A family of 6 people… who needs a mini-van

A large pane of glass.

A metal pole at least 10 feet long…. I mean why couldn’t you hold it and drive?

A mattress, a QUEEN size mattress…. The driver just sat on top of it.

20 giant trash bags bursting full of limes

A moto (on the original moto)

Three large pigs… we’re talking big swine

Huge boxes with a woman riding on top

And lastly …

30 live chickens hanging from their feet.

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