Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What am I doing in Cambodia?
I wish I could say that I have some amazing job that sounds heroic: like “I counsel girls who are rescued from sexually abusive situations” or “I am teaching Cambodian nationals how to be a Biblical pastor by working in Cambodian Bible college” or “I am part of a team that runs raids that saves children from prostitution and sexual exploitation” or “I work with an unreached people group on the boarder of Cambodia and Vietnam” or “I work in an orphanage with starving babies” or “I work to bring begging kids off the streets and teach them to make crafts to sell”.
These aren’t my job, but they are my ministry.
See, when a missionary comes to a third-world country to do God’s amazing work, they don’t come alone. Most missionaries come with children. And many third-world countries don’t have adequate education for those children. If this is the case, than those missionaries have to go home or stop working to home-school.
The parents of my students are able to do these amazing things because I’m here taking care of their children. Because I prepare their student for college and life, these amazing ministries can continue being run by heroic people. The jobs that I mentioned above, are done by parents of my students. And those parents have told me several times, that if it weren’t for my job at HOPE, they would have to stop their heroic work and stay home to home-school their child.
My job is teaching, but my ministry is to keep Cambodian missionaries working in heroic works of God.

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kevin said...

Carrie, How have you been doing! Its great you are on the mission field! Do you remeber me? Kevin Hayes