Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas on the Mekong River

For the HOPE school staff party, we rented a boat cruise. Don't let the word "cruise" fool you. It's a wooden boat with three folded tables placed in the middle. But it was a fun time. The Mekong is disgusting brown river that stretches forever and ever across several countries. The Cambodian staff wanted to go swimming! Luckily we ran out of time; so they couldn't!
We, the expat staff, brought food and drinks for the party. It was cute. There were probably 75 people on the boat. Food was a bit short because the staff brought their families. Those kids sure can put down some food! Something I ate really didn't like my stomach, but hey, I've survived several spells of food poisoning already. It won't kill me this time.
This party was also a chance to say goodbye to the staff that won't be returning. There are 5 staff members going home this semester. It was a sad thing to sit around and say goodbye. It's way too sappy for me. We prayed for them and gave everyone a chance to say something. If I had my way, I'd slap them on the back and say "good luck!" I hate emotional goodbyes. But I guess some people need to have that closure.
At the end of the party we exchanged gifts. We had Secret Santa presents to give. I had a cute Cambodian cleaner from school, and she had me too. She gave me a cute pink shirt, which I wore the next day to show her that I liked it! It was really fun! Scott, my American friend, got the best present of all!!!!!! a figurine of 2 girls swinging! :)

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EmilyRenee said...

I enjoyed looking through you blog! This is such an awesome way to share what God is doing! I am so proud of you and your love for our Lord!! I love you and miss you! Emily Gossett