Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Last week my friends and I went to get Khmer beauty pictures taken. We were told these “Glamour Shots” of Cambodia were hilarious to do with friends. That turned out to be very true. Bonnie, Corey, Kate and I went to a random photo studio and asked them to take our pictures. They start with an intense make over, which made us look like drag-queens! The make-up was insane! Next, they take your hair to an extreme level to match the crazy make-up. The puff up the back and insert hair extensions. The major problem with the hair extensions is that they were designed for Asians. So they are black. Kate was the only one with dark hair, but even her hair is only brown. They also put shiny things and flowers in our new hair too. Next came the dress. The top of the dress is a tiny piece of fabric, pinned together because we are much larger than their average client. The bottom of the dress is a large piece of fabric that we are rapped in tightly. Lastly lost of gross, gaudy, gold jewelry is draped on our necks, arms and legs. After we left, they superimposed a cool background and touched up our photos. With Photoshop, they made us skinny and white! Lol.
These pictures are normally used by Cambodian girls to find a husband. One girl asked up “Who do you need to show your true beauty?” True beauty?? Ha. It’s faker than the Coach bags for $10 at the market! But that’s how they get husbands! Lol.

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