Saturday, January 21, 2012

For those of you that don’t know. We have joined another English lady in a venture to create a discipleship living environment for young Khmer adults. We have an adjoining apartment to Christine’s apartment that houses young Khmer people. One such person, is a 16 year old mother who recently got saved and left prostitution. Another is a young woman who finished cosmetology school and can’t find work. By providing these young people with housing, we are allowing them opportunities to live in Christian community and enabling them to move out of the shack in the slums. We take the household to church every week, and we disciple them, as most of them are very young Christians. It’s an opportunity to train them in life skills and provide safe housing for them.
In addition to running a household, we are both still teaching at Hope. Working with missionary kids has been extremely rewarding. The students are so sweet and the parents are appreciative to have a quality education for their kids while they work in the mission field.
Mark has been very busy these past few months. He’s been tutoring, running an half marathon, and acting in a pantomime. He’s really enjoying teaching the little kids though. His 6 year old students have loved having him as a teacher.
I took Mark’s old job as 6th grade teacher. It’s been very challenging for me because I was trained as an English teacher. The other subjects in 6th grade have been difficult for me. I find myself using Google in the classroom constantly. On top of teaching, I’ve been working on a Masters in School Counseling. I’d really like to be able to work with missionary kids on their culture separation issues and other counseling needs.
Pray for us. We’re obviously very busy. We both are still trying to balance all the new areas of our lives. It has been a slow learning process. Also, I’ve really struggled with my health in the last 6 months. I had to make an emergency trip to America in November to see doctors and get proper medications.
Financially please pray for our newest project. We are trying to start a hair solon in our downstairs living room. It would be a great opportunity for Vanda, our housemate. If we can get her furniture ready, then she can get a client-base and support herself.
Please keep us in your prayers! Things aren’t always easy here, but we know that we are following God’s will. And if any of you would like to visit, you’re more than welcome. We have a spare room for visitors.
God Bless,
Carrie and Mark Twine
P.S. the pictures are of our housemates

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