Saturday, January 21, 2012

Grapevine House: A Home for Many

Soon we'll have a website up for our house.
Our house is a charity venture trying to provide a Christian home to young Cambodians. So now we're starting the new Hair Salon in our living room! Soon we hope to have a Baby Daycare Center too. There are about 16 of us that live together. 3 of us are White, and the rest are young Cambodians that needed a place to live... One of the girls is a 16 year old single mom who recently left a 5 year long career as a prostitute.

The girls need stable income otherwise their subject to abusive working situations. The factories here are like things you read about. No clean air, 15min lunch breaks for $50 a month. We just want to make sure that local young woman have another option that factories and prostitution, which are the main to industries around here.

Yes, it's a crazy life. And it's insane to try this in our first year of marriage while we are both still teaching, but we felt God lead us to this house...

It would be so great to have some financial support. We can't do all of this without some help.

This is a picture of Baby John. His mom is 16, so we're helping to raise him.

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