Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All In a Day

Today I saw four interesting things: evidences that I live in Cambodia.

1. Early this morning, a few minutes past 6 AM, I was making pasta for my lunch. I had set the noodle to boil, when Kate walked by and asked if I had put herbs in the noodles. "No" Of course not. She laughed and told me to look in the pot. There were little black dots.
"What's that?" Weevils. They were bugs. In the pasta.
We, having lived in Cambodia for a year now and used to eating bugs, spooned them out. (they were boiled and dead) As Kate was pouring on the spaghetti sauce, she saw a few more. She attempted getting them out, but eventually she just said, "I'll just put pepper on tops so you can't tell."
It was good pasta.

2. I drove (my super cute moto) up to school, and outside school there were a few vendors walking by. They were pushing bicycles. The bicycles were heavily loaded down with their wares. They were selling rattan baskets and plastic baskets. One guy stopped to fix his flip flop. I took a picture of him. It's above.

3. After school I stopped at a gas station to get my weekly $2 worth of gas. I opened the gas tank on my moto, to find MAGGOTS! sick! I wanted to throw up! How did they get there. They started crawling around my moto! I didn't want to get back on it. My head started to itch a little when I thought of getting back on the moto.

4. 20 Dead chickens in the middle of the road. The disgusting creatures were about to get de-feathered and chopped to be sold in the market tomorrow. The point is... they were being cut up in the middle of a disgusting, filth filled street. No meat from the market for me. I'm thinking of becoming a vegetarian!

All in a day in Cambodia!

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